Workers' Compensation Florida

Important note: We only provide legal services for employers and their insurance companies. We are unable to represent injured employees.

Whereas many workers' compensation attorneys work alone, Legal Solutions Group utilizes a team approach when solving workers compensation issues, maximizing the range and depth of skills we can deploy.

Some of our team have in excess of 30 years experience in their field; some are seasoned workers' compensation attorneys, while others have specialized in labor and employment law. We are also heavily involved in the Florida business scene: some members of the Legal Solutions Group team sit on the boards of middle-market and global corporations, while others help non-profits to run a sustainable business model. This ensures Legal Solutions Group is always in touch with the local business scene and understands the challenges employers face, both in terms of negotiating the complexities of Florida's workers' compensation laws and corporate law in general.

Between us, we can also draw upon a rich network of powerful community contacts, giving us access to further connections and resources whenever needed. You just tell us your problems and we will take care of the rest!

Rapid Workers' Compensation Claim Resolution

Quality is paramount in all the work Legal Solutions Group undertakes, and in the world of workers' compensation, that means resolving cases as fully, accurately and quickly as possible, ensuring the most favorable outcome for your bottom line.

We focus on incisive, effective and timely communication at every stage of the workers' compensation claim process. We have some of Florida's most skilled negotiators on our legal services team, equally adept at finding innovative solutions to reach settlement, or aggressively fighting our client's corner in the courtroom.

The Legal Solutions Group team can quickly and accurately assess and place value on a claim to determine whether settlement or litigation is the most cost-effective route for our clients' businesses.

Not Just a Claims Management Team

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure and can facilitate regular employee/employer consultations focused on maintaining a relatively risk-free workplace and driving down the chances of costly accidents. We have worked with National Employers in policies and procedures that reduce risk and costs of workers compensation claims.

By helping our clients build strong relationships with their employees and assisting with the implementation of a robust 'return to work' program, Legal Solutions Group can minimize your losses and maximize worker loyalty.

Our legal services also cover reviewing and correcting employer classifications, to ensure legal compliance while avoiding excessive premiums, and investigating and eliminating workers' compensation fraud.

Flexible Payment Options

We are happy to work with you in the way that suits your business. Some Legal Solutions Group clients like to work with us on a traditional hourly rate structure, as with most other workers' compensation attorneys or providers of legal services. Others prefer a flat rate agreement, helping them to budget their legal services provision.

We are happy to talk to you about a flexible, considerate payment plan that works both for you and for us.