Why Us

A successful organisation is always about its people, and our legal services team have the combined legal and business experience, and the connections, to help create a core competence at the heart of your business.

Why Us

Our people are leaders in their respective fields, with hands-on experience of the following business areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Contracts
  • Workers' Compensation & Human Resources
  • Labor Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Business and Corporate Law

We Pursue Rapid Real Estate Closures

Our experienced and knowledgeable people are well connected in the community and know the Florida real estate market inside out. Skilful negotiation and lateral thinking, combined with a team approach, means we are able to move stagnant discussions forward and consistently secure the best deals for realtors and their clients.

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We Provide the Backbone for Successful Businesses

Starting a business without ensuring the necessary policies, legal structures and contracts are in place is like building a house on sand. Mistakes in the foundation and early development phases can be expensive and time-consuming to fix.

Our people are well-versed in corporate law and come from both the legal and business angles. Many of them are on the boards of successful corporations and non-profits, so they know what they're talking about.

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We Resolve Workers' Compensation Claims Quickly

We work on behalf of employers, insurers or third party administrators' dealing with workers' compensation claims.

Whether we're working on a flat fee basis or on a more traditional hourly rate, we are focused on getting our clients the best outcome possible, saving you dollars.

Our combined experience helps us to assess workers' compensation claims quickly and plan a route either to fast settlement or a robust defense. If a case does end in the courtroom, we have some of the State's best litigators on our team with an exemplary track record behind them; if an aggressive stance is necessary, we are more than comfortable with that.

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Meet Our Management Team

Inclusive in our unique flat fee structure, we identify issues and provide solutions in virtually every area important to a middle-market organization, including:

  • Strategic planning

  • Contracts

  • Labor relations

  • Workers compensation

  • Insurance

  • Safety and risk management

  • Litigation

  • Real estate

  • Collections

  • Subrogation