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Legal Solutions Group’s President, Marty Davis comes from a real estate background and grew up amid construction issues, leases and sale negotiations. He has now assembled a high calibre team of real estate professionals to work on behalf of buyers, purchasing their desired properties, and sellers looking to free up their capital quickly, and for the best price.

Second only to the quality of its real estate legal work is Legal Solutions Group's commitment to closing transactions quickly and without complications.

If you or your clients need representation from a top quality lawyer with experience in the Florida real estate market, contact us and we will take the stress out of the whole process.

Prompt and Effective Communication

Many real estate transactions are needlessly held up due to delayed or ambiguous communication. We always respond promptly to communication from all parties and take a pro-active approach where necessary to move the transactions through the closing process.

Around the negotiating table, we prefer a solution-focused 'can do' attitude, using our combined experience and innovative thinking to overcome objections and secure the best price and most favorable deal for those we represent.

No Compromise on Protection

Some standard real estate contracts are missing the important contingency clauses needed to protect the interests of the buyer or seller. On the other hand, some can contain unnecessary clauses that can hold up real estate transactions and delay closings and commissions.

The seasoned real estate lawyers at Legal Solutions Group can review, draft and revise contracts and letters so that they strike that sweet spot between sufficient legal protection and getting the deal done.

Real Estate Legal Services

Legal Solutions Group can also undertake any and all of the following real estate related legal services:

  • Title searches
  • Tax Issues
  • Property Searches
  • Title and money transfer
  • Consulting as a second set of eyes on a transaction
  • Preparing documents for personal or institutional loans and encumbrances
  • Power of Attorney
  • Financing

Flexible Fee Options

Unlike many real estate attorneys or legal services firms, Legal Solutions Group does not insist on hourly fees. Often, an upfront flat-rate fee is more efficient where real estate negotiations are involved. Nevertheless, some of our clients prefer to pay by the hour, and we are happy to accommodate them.

Call us to discuss an appropriate plan for your real estate needs.